Narong Tintamusik is an artist based in Dallas, TX. As a survivor of abuse, his work  is autobiographical and at the intersection of mental well-being, nature, and the spiritual.  Through painting and its iterations, he reconciles the innocence lost during his youth and makes attempts to understand how past trauma reincarnates into various forms in the present. Often figurative, the work draws from his own lived experiences while combining Buddhist teachings, Thai folklore, and his fascination with the environment.

Born in Dallas, TX, he lived in Bangkok, Thailand for 10 years. He obtained his Biology undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Dallas with a minor in visual arts in 2014. He has exhibited in group shows locally in Dallas, TX and beyond including New York, Canada, and Germany. Solo exhibitions include 500X Gallery, Dallas, TX and Tarleton State University, Stephenville, TX. He is the recipient of the DeGoyler Memorial Fund from the Dallas Museum of Art in 2015. He is currently a part of Artist Co-op 500X Gallery.

In addition to being an artist, Tintamusik is an art collector and independent curator where his focus often lies on the ideas of identity, queerness, sexuality, Asian diaspora, figuration, abstraction, fashion, love, and nature. He is an advocate for emerging artists in terms of collecting their works early in their careers. His curatorial projects include Queer Me Now: The Queer Body and Gaze at 500X Gallery and The MAC in Dallas, TX and Human/Nature at Fort Worth Community Arts Center in Fort Worth, TX. He also started Musik, a virtual curatorial platform that offer solo exhibitions to artists without gallery representation through invitational and open calls. 

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