To Sleep on a Bed of Tears

January 14 - February 5, 2021

Tarleton State University, Stephenville, TX

In 'To Sleep on a Bed of Tears,' Narong Tintamusik explores the loss of innocence and cyclical nature of trauma. Drawing from personal narratives as a sexual abuse survivor, Tintamusik presents paintings that are derived from his experiences. The title of exhibition was taken from one of his poems that talked about the mental implications due to the traumatic events. For an early part of his life, he wondered why he had to face such hardships and sometimes cry himself to sleep. The paintings on paper are also deeply inspired by his childhood trips and the supernatural elements of Thai/Buddhist culture. The sublime environments of the natural world offered temporary solitude for Tintamusik. Despite enjoying moments of freedom while on vacation, specters and spirits continuously haunt him. Although he has moved on and enjoying life within the light of day, the shadows of the past still visit him at night.

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