To Remember to Speak our Mother Tongue

January 7, 2020 - February 4, 2022

Goldmark Cultural Center

The Goldmark Cultural Center’s J.H. Milde Gallery is proud to present To Remember To Speak Our Mother Tongue, a group exhibition of works curated by Narong Tintamusik.

In To Remember To Speak Our Mother Tongue, artists explore the languages found within their dual identities. Olivia Arratia, Usama Khalid, Adrianna Touch verbalize their Mexican, Pakistani, and Cambodian heritage as Americans of color. Painting, sculpture, photography, and installation help translate the complex dialogue spoken between the artists and the world around them. Contemporary life forms complete sentences with generational customs. Familiar household objects, distant photographs, and convoluted shapes and patterns span lives of past, present, and future. These images uphold the importance of cultural preservation while existing within Western upbringings. Although certain information passed down from generation to generation is fragmented, the pieces start to form a new whole. Their unique viewfinders allow them to find their voice and continue their lineage. This new language they speak is a bridge between the two worlds.

The exhibition will be on display from 7 January 2022 to 4 February 2022. An exhibition reception will be held on 15 January 2022 from 1.00pm to 3.00pm at the J.H. Milde Gallery.

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