Through painting, printmaking, and installation, 500X Member Narong Tintamusik explores innocence lost and trauma from sexual abuse in his exhibit, Thirsty. Having experienced this abuse at 8 years old until he broke silence at 22, Thirsty is drawn from his past and how it affected him in the present. Figures called, Thirsties, are a reflection of Tintamusik. They both parallel and oppose the artist’s life. As a result of his abuse, Tintamusik struggled with sexuality and often kept them repressed. In contrast, the Thirsties simply focused on the present and indulged in their uninhibited desires. The nonchalant, sexually free Thirsties serve as the much needed counterpart to the artist.

The Thirsties once lived in a land full of beautiful flowers. Before finding out for themselves that a flower’s beauty does not last forever, unspeakable forces abruptly destroy their already transient nature. Part of their innocence taken away from them too prematurely, they became both naïve and depraved. The Thirsties moved away from their deflowered birthplace and enjoyed traveling to new lands. Traveling to unseen places is a temporary solution to forget the pain of the past. They could be found frolicking in blazing forest fires and icy blizzards while succumbing to their intense sexual desires. Although living in the moment, these situations will lead them to their untimely deaths

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