They Die Only to be Reborn Again

March 27 - April 25, 2021

500X Gallery, Dallas, TX

They Die Only to be Reborn Again is an exhibition by Narong Tintamusik. Through large scale painting and sculpture, Tintamusik explores innocence, sexuality, and the metamorphosis of trauma. Deriving his lived experiences as a sexual abuse survivor, the work illustrates how life is being altered and corrupted. Using the emergence of springtime as a backdrop, stunted figures frolicked amongst beautiful flowers and lively insects. Water washes away the shame and guilt contained in tainted bodily secretions. This concoction of both fear and desire spring forth pollinators that seek to taste the nectar of the surrounding blooms. Once nature has run its course, the land went from abundance to desolation and back again. An endless cycle of life and death that offers both solitude and paralysis to Tintamusik. He desires to break this sequence within his lifetime to be reborn again.

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