The Tides Swallow My Secrets

February 28 - March 25, 2022

Angelina College, Lufkin, TX

The Tides Swallow my Secrets is an installation by Dallas based artist Narong Tintamusik. As a sexual abuse survivor at a young age, trips to the beach provided Tintamusik temporary solace.  The low tides were a place of wonder as hidden treasures reveal themselves. Sea creatures became momentarily exposed when the water receded to the edges of the world. Tintamusik enjoyed collecting seashells and chasing crabs as they scurry around the shallow waters. Returning back to the city after the trip brought sadness to him. He thought the tides as a place that carried away our secrets, while leaving our purity intact. Surely an ocean that large can handle all the shame, guilt, and sadness felt. If salt from the ocean stung our eyes, at least it hid our tears. When these waves returned at night, no evidence of the wounds remained on the sand. The lacerations became invisible and unseen. Innocence drowned within the deep blue abyss. The secrecy lurking in the water was the source of constant pain. Whether sink, swim, or to be devoured, we dive in to confront the terrors of the deep and emerge to the surface with our reclaimed self.

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