Artist Statement

My art are self-portraits. When I was a child, I was sexually taken advantage of. I kept that secret for most of my youth until my early 20's, where I broke the silence. The thoughts about contracting venereal disease lingers within me. To have both sexual anxiety and the need to satisfy my desires became the basis of my work. 

To obtain personal fulfillment and liberation, I create work that attempt to depict shameless sex. Indulgence in viewing explicit media allowed me to see myself as this bold, yet indifferent character. The figures in my art are truly what I am not and what I want to be. The depravity contained within my art is what gives me the self-confidence to reclaim my sexuality as my own. 

I hope my viewers are able to be a feel a sense of liberation and freedom after viewing my art. The more I create my works, the more I feel comfortable about my sexuality. For those like me who have not fully experienced sex to the fullest, I wish the art may open a door or two to many more.

- Narong Tintamusik

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