Artist Statement

My art are self-portraits. When I was a child, I was sexually taken advantage of. I kept that secret for most of my youth until my early 20's, where I broke the silence. I lived my life thinking I have contracted venereal diseases during my time of silence and the fear of it lingers.  Although I generally have peace with the events that transpired, I realized the way I am now were because of the past. The art making process helps reconcile the youth that was tarnished and lost. To gain greater understanding of one’s nature means one must directly confront our shadows.

Themes of trauma, sexuality, memory, and innocence are explored in my works. Naïve, yet depraved, figures exist often alone in settings inspired by my love for nature. These environments are often imbued with the supernatural and are drawn by my upbringing in Thailand. Memories of Thai ghost stories, national parks, Buddhist teachings,  and the extreme psychological loneliness greatly influence the works.  I attempt to show the audience what is like to live in a world where childhood was taken away too soon, and perversion was unwillingly acquainted.

I work intuitively and drawn to soft and fluid mediums. Although the works involve traditional paint mediums, I consider them drawings as well. Preferred mediums are acrylics and spray paints and I relish in its large coverage and fast drying times. I use the palette knife to create marks on the surface until an image emerge. The spray paint assists in highlighting and diminishing certain portions of the piece. Lately I am experimenting with sculpture and installation as extensions of my paintings. The process is always the focal point and transport me to a child-like state. The lack of preconceived ideas helps alleviate the thoughts of art-making being homework. In a way, the art making process is like my reclamation of youth.

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