Artist Statement

My art are self-portraits. When I was a child, I was sexually taken advantage of. I kept that secret for most of my youth until my early 20's, where I broke the silence. The thoughts about contracting venereal disease lingers within me. To have both sexual anxiety and the need to satisfy my desires became the basis of my work.

Themes of innocence, sexuality, and trauma are explored in my pieces. Naive, yet depraved, my figures, The Thirsties, exist often alone in settings inspired by my love for nature. I grew up being enthralled by National Geographic and Animal Planet and wanting to be a marine biologist. My father often took me out from the city and see the wonderful national parks in the US and beyond including Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and Banff. I even had an orchid garden during middle school when I was living in Thailand. Using nature as the back drop, I attempt to show the audience what is like to live in a world where childhood was taken away too soon and perversion was unwillingly acquainted.

The Thirsties once lived in a land full of beautiful flowers. Before finding out for themselves that a flower’s beauty does not last forever, unspeakable forces abruptly destroy their already transient nature. Part of their innocence taken away from them too prematurely, they became both naïve and depraved. The Thirsties moved away from their deflowered birthplace and enjoyed traveling to new lands. Traveling to unseen places is a temporary solution to forget the pain of the past. They could be found frolicking in blazing forest fires and icy blizzards while succumbing to their intense sexual desires. Although living in the moment, these situations will lead them to their untimely deaths.   

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