This series stems from the idea of  being alone and taking in the beauty of the landscape, but there is a sense of dread present. As I went through with the silence from abuse, my family and I would often go see nature and soak in breathtaking views. I tried to just live in the moment while on vacation and be happy, but I knew that I have to return back to reality when the trip is over. I made the landscapes being "alive" as if it is looking at me from the distance, knowing what I been through.

I borrow ideas of incarnation and my Buddhist upbringings for the process of these collage works. I would paint large 90x90" paintings on paper that are mounted on the walls of my studio. The large paintings are pieces from other series, such as Wet Dreams. Painting large gives me the gratification and I did not want to deal with the hassle of storing it. I cut up the large paintings and make them into collage work. Some of the works only incorporate chunks of cut out and integrated using spray paints and acrylics on a separate, clean sheet of paper. Others are made completely out of collage with no additional painting.

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