500X Gallery in partnership with The MAC, Queer Me Now: The Queer Body and Gaze is an intimate art show by five young LGBTQIA artists in the Dallas Ft. Worth area. The exhibit showcases fresh talent of queer artists making queer art in the local community. Queer Me Now is curated by 500X member, Narong Tintamusik, and features works by Joshua Bryant, Jer’Lisa Devezin, Steven Hector Gonzalez, Christian Roman, and Gem You.

In Queer Me Now, artists explore the act of viewing one's body and other's through queer lens. Working through personal experience of objectification and desire, each artist investigate this relationship through their practice. Deconstructed, sculptural limbs and clumps of repeating body parts present themselves alongside flat surfaces containing lipstick and fingerprint impressions. Sexually charged narratives from gratuitous social media selfies and pretend fantasies lay with colorful derivatives of attraction and repulsion.

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